Day 7: February 4, 2019

Today’s Progress: CSS Practice/Study Day + #JavaScript30 Day 3 CSS Variables & JS Project.

Thoughts: So many variables, so little time.

I joke.

Today started with me finishing up the Introduction to Basic CSS section on FreeCodeCamp’s site. After I was done there, I decided to continue on with the javascript30 challenge. Today’s project was setting up a page with an image and slider bars that allowed you to change attributes regarding a border around it. It was a single page project with the JS & CSS in the HTML document.

The original didn’t really call for a polka-dot bg and cute font from google but I’m straight from my mini freecodecamp weekend CSS/HTML intensive and I’ll be damned I don’t use those skills, lol. (Plus, practice makes perfect, right?)

Key Takeaways From Day Seven:

  • !important is a thing in CSS. Use it to override a set property.
  • ” is not always different than ‘ but when it is, it’ll mess everything up.
  • :root selector is basically grandpa element and I’m not sure how I manage to never hear about it until today.

Link To Project:

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