Day 44: April 14, 2019

Today’s Progress: Grasshopper Day 📱

Thoughts: Today’s hour of code was spent on Grasshopper. It’s a neat little phone app that teaches you JavaScript.

Look at that cute Grasshopper.

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned it before as I’ve used the app in the past. However, this time around it seemed more beneficial? Like I don’t feel like by itself this app is the best learning tool. But combined with more informative lessons (like freecodecamp ) it’s great practice.

The lessons I went over today dealt with if statements and arrays.

There were plenty of cute little puzzles to solve and learn from.

By the end of today’s study time, I’d reached level 3 plus gotten my grasshopper some fancy winter clothes.

It’s honestly like 80 degrees where I live.

I’ll return to the FCC curriculum next post, I just needed this little break.

Link To Project: N/A

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