Day 43: April 12, 2019

Today’s Progress: Introduction to JavaScript Pt. 4 (FCC)

Thoughts: I’m so tired, please send help.

This was today’s planned workload:


This is what I managed to get done:

Oh. Oh Mimi.

I mean, yeah, progress is progress. But my progress with JavaScript is so incredibly slow.

I think it’s mainly because of all the math/statements in it. They’re simple enough to follow and understand but they take more focus than setting a font color or image size.

And theres also all these operators??? Like < > || | =! == etc, etc.

I get the idea but blargh, just so much work.

Don’t worry, I’ll be fine. I’m just whining.

A Key Takeaway From Day Forty-Three:

Logical order is something to keep in mind when working with if else statements. For example, if you have something like:

if ( num < 25 ) {
return "less than 25"
} else if ( num < 15) {
return "less than 15"

If you make plug in 12 for num, the result will be “less than 25” even though 12 should make it “less than 15”. This is because the function quits after it hits the first true statement.

Instead you want to do something like:

if (num < 15) {
return "less than 15"
} else if ( num < 25) {
return "less than 25

This way num = 12 will get a chance to be checked against 15.

I pray I remember this.

Link To Project: N/A

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