Day 40: April 3, 2019

Today’s Progress: Web Development Fundamentals Pt. 3

Thoughts: Still working on mystery school pre-course work. Today marked the start of the introduction to JavaScript section.

Did I die?

Unless I’m typing from the afterlife (which I’m not lol), no. The lessons were a lot of basic beginner JavaScript information. Much of what I recalled from class, the FCC JavaScript section (you can read about my experience here) and the JS30 challenges I completed.

Some of the specifics covered today included methods, properties, global objects and control flow + if/else statements. For the most part, I think I’m following along fairly well.

Also, I was way more excited about this than I probably should have been.

Mimi. Darling. Calm yourself.

The // actually makes a comment! I’ve been trying to use it since I started back with coding seriously earlier in the year. My brain recalled it from my old college class days and I kept trying to use it with HTML and CSS.

Those were dark days 😔

Some Key Takeaways From Day Forty:

  • Modulo operator –> % it’ll divide and give you the remainder. For example 21%5 = 1 (because five goes into 20 2 times and leaves 1 as a remainder!)
  • null and undefined are not the same thing. In basic terms, null is going to be a developer telling you what you’re looking for exist but doesn’t have a value. While undefined is the computer telling us that something doesn’t exist at all.

Link To Project: N/A

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