Day 37: March 31, 2019

Today’s Progress: Web Development Fundamentals Pt. 1

Thoughts: Switching gears here for a few days to work on some pre-course work. Since I’m not sure how things will turn out/if I’m going to take the actual class, I’m not comfortable disclosing the name of the school just yet.

I’m sure some of you will probably be able to guess though 😉.

Anyway, I managed to get through the majority of the HTML and CSS sections today. They mainly just went over the basics like indentation, overall box model and the different selectors.

One thing that did catch me off guard today was information regarding frameworks. I’ve only ever touched React, but I’d heard of Sass and Bootstrap.

Even with my React experience, the whole concept of using them still scared me. Today’s lessons kind of alleviate that fear. They stated that frameworks were “not new languages” but instead “add ons”. Then they went on to say that frameworks were the results of others finding better way to do things and shared their methods.

So basically, instead of strange side languages, frameworks are more like DLC or custom content for video game.

Makes so much more sense this way!

Key Takeaways From Day Thirty-Seven:

  • Frameworks are here to help you, not scare you. Be friends with them, invite them to dinner, let them borrow the lawn mower. They can be trusted.
  • You know those sites that let you write code and execute it? Like Codepen? Those are called sandbox environments not cool coding sites (but I’m sure people would still understand what you meant.)

Link To Project: N/A

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