Day 33: March 24, 2019

Today’s Progress: Personal Portfolio Webpage Project Pt. 4 (FCC)

Thoughts: Day four of work on my final project for the responsive web design section on freeCodeCamp.
Requirements and an example here.

Today was pretty positive in terms of progress. I managed to fix the issue from Day 32’s post. The white space around the banner was a sizing problem, just like I’d thought. I fixed it up as well as added a few sweet new details.

Sweet new details.

Oh so code. Get it? Like oh so cute? I tried.

Another part of the portfolio I managed to get working was the footer. This one took me a bit as it wouldn’t stay at the bottom.

Stay put.

After some irritation and research I managed to get it to stay with this bit of code:

bottom: 0; position: relative; margin-top: 700px;

From what I was reading, setting the bottom to 0 and position to absolute should have done the trick, but for me it wasn’t working. It just stuck the bar in the middle of the page. By setting the margin-top to 700px, it forced the bar down to where it needed to be.

I’m feeling this isn’t a permeant fix though and I’ll be looking further into it as I work.

But all in all, I’m super proud of how it’s coming along. I’m so excited to get to the finished product and share it with everyone. <33

Key Takeaways From Day Thirty-Three:

  • HTML Color Codes. <—This site is a legit blessing.
  • HTML Comments go like <!- – – -> CSS comments go like /* */ Please stop confusing them, Mimi.

Link To Project: N/A

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