Day 3: January 30, 2019

Today’s Progress: Took a break from the JavaScript30 challenge to try my own thing. A random card generator. Tears were shed.
Thoughts: I’m going to be real, today was hard. I felt like a failure and just giving up multiple times. HTML concepts I felt should have been easy were difficult for me to wrap my head around. Combined with ever-present imposter syndrome, the majority of my day was just a sad mess

Buuuut, I managed to push through it. The page where the random card generator will be on is up and running, and I’ve got the majority of my graphics and parts in the right place. I just need to finish setting up the card designs, upload them and get the JavaScript random image function written.

Key Takeaways From Day Three:

  • Any little bit of progress is still progress.
  • Double check you changed the names on the CSS before you panic.

Link To Project:

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