Day 26: March 2, 2019

Today’s Progress: #Javascript30 AJAX Type Ahead Pt.2

This turned into a “Imma just follow along” sort of project.

Don’t get me wrong, I did look up some of the concepts I didn’t understand.

Like AJAX in general. It apparently stands for Asynchronous Javascript and XML and it basically allows for changes to occur on the page without reloads.

I had no idea.

API was also news to me (I knooow, I know). In the most simple terms, it’s the messenger that takes the request you make, tells the system and brings back there results. I found this great video that explained it super well, comparing the API to a waiter.

An example of an API being used in this project was fetch.

Go fetch.

Also..JSON files? Javascript Object Notation formatted files. They’re basically text files that store simple data structures and objects. This project used one that stored all the city/state data and is what we pulled info from for the search engine/results.

JSON file.
The results.

So, super cool project and all but another huge reminder that I need to get those JS basics down.

And hopefully when I return to the JS30 lessons  I won’t be so lost; u ;

Key Takeaways From Day Twenty-Six:

  • Its hl not h1 for highlight purposes. Idk what happened.
  • Refresh after saving. Please Mimi. Please. Remember this before you start to cry.
  • Sometimes capitalization doesn’t matter. This is not one of those times.

Link To Project:

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