Days 20, 21 & 22: February 21, 23 & 24, 2019

Today’s Progress: FCC Build a Product Landing Page Project Completion!

Thoughts: Another FCC project down! A three-day post might be breaking the rules, but I’ve actually been working on/coding this all weekend, minus my normal no code Fridays. I just failed to get the blog entries done (rip).

Aesthetically, I’m really digging how this came out. I really love baby chicks and the pink/yellow colorway is absolutely adorable to me. I even got to show off one of my old animations (check the chicken hatching ❤)


Code wise, I think I did a pretty good job too. In the beginning I had issues getting the site to respond correctly to smaller browser windows but I managed to figure it out towards the end.

set the m a x – w i d t h yo.

Another thing I liked about this project was my prework. I drew out a design idea before jumping into coding.

Mimi , wat is this?

I know it seems kinda obvious to plan your work out beforehand, but listen, I tend to be pretty rash when it comes to coding. Sooo..does this mean I’ll always plan things out from now on?

We’ll see lol.

Key Takeaways From Days Twenty, Twenty-One & Twenty-Two:

  • You want your element to respond/look decent when being viewed in smaller windows? Set the max-width.
  • Center flexbox elements with align-items: center &  justify-content: center. Idk why I keep forgetting this.
  • Text-color is totally not how you change the font color.

Link To Project:

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