Day 2: January 29, 2019

Today’s Progress: Finished #JavaScript30 Day 2 JS+CSS Clock Project. Also played around on the W3School’s JavaScript Tutorial section.
Thoughts: Maybe it takes more than one day to remember how to ride a bike?

Today’s workflow was way smoother. I feel like I caught on to what was going on and was able to do things without having to keep my eyes glued to the video guide. Taking that moment to check out w3school was a big help too.
I was able to get that quick refresher I needed (especially regarding terminology & Object Methods omg).

Key Takeaways From Day Two:

  • Opacity level is the opposite of what my brain wants to think. The lower the value, the more transparent the image is.
  • I work better in the morning.

Link To Project:

Click Me!

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