Day 17: February 18, 2019

Today’s Progress: CSS Flexbox studies/Flex Panels Image Gallery

Thoughts: Another #javascript30 project down! “Completed” the Flex Panels Image Gallery assignment. I say completed with quotations because I’m not super sold on how it ended up. I wanted to do another sailor moon piece with all the main scout colors, and while I like the bg I’m not sure I like the extra hearts on the top and bottom. I feel like it might have worked better with text but I’ve been working on this all weekend and I need to give it a break for a bit lol.

I’ll come back to it eventually.

Key Takeaways From Day Seventeen:

  • webkit-text-stroke will give your text a cool outline.
  • Wtf is webkit? According to their website, a “ fast, open source web browser engine.”
  • Will def need to look into it further.

Link To Project:

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