Day 10: February 7, 2019

Today’s Progress: Completed the FreeCodeCamp’s Build a Tribute Page Project! ❤

Thoughts: I found this project pretty fun. The requirements were simple and allowed for a good amount of creative freedom. I did have my own share of problems though. Number one on my list was probably getting everything to center. Even after looking it up, I’m still not sure if I 100% get it. For this project setting text align to center and the right & left margin to auto seemed to be the solution. We’ll see if the future calls for a different method.

Key Takeaways From Day Ten:

  • User Story = functional feature of a software system.
  • If your div id isn’t working make sure you didn’t set it as <div id=”#name”> because that’s totally wrong and it’s not going to work and you’ll probably cry and be confused for an hour. (Sorry, got kinda personal for a minute, hahaha.)

Link To Project:

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