Big Bad

The site TV Tropes defines a Big Bad as “the cause of all bad happenings in a story.”

Basically it’s that one bad guy who continuously shows up. It’s that one person that ruins all of the main character’s plans.

This idea was the inspiration behind my song created for this assignment (2 stars).

The instructions for this assignment where to create a song without recording anything yourself.

I saw this assignment and immediately knew it was for me. Rewind to last semester (Spring 2015), I took a MIDI music class. What’s MIDI? Click here. This link explains it better than I ever could.

But in simpler terms its the crossroads of computers and music. It’s what’s required to create music digitally.

During this class, I learned the ins and outs of two music making programs: Logic Pro X and Ableton live. Both caused me much trouble and heartache in the beginning but thats probably because I was too stubborn to read instructions. Ha ha. If you’re interested in learning these programs, don’t be like me. There are plenty of resources on the web. Especially Youtube. Go to Youtube.

So how did I create my song? Logic Pro X. How? I opened up a new project. Then enabled loops. After that I started actually making the song, which was basically just me listening to different loops for an hour and half.

Eventually I found a drum track I liked, and from there I started layering different loops on to it. Included in my song, there are three different drum tracks, a bass track and some piano.
For the drum and bass tracks, I duplicated them to make the sound fuller. The end is probably my favorite, when it’s just the bass and the drum fill. I tried to make it really intense.

I mentioned above how my inspiration was the big bad trope but it really goes further than that. For example, When you play a video game, and this type of character appears theres usually a change in music. You also know you’re in trouble at this point and should probably save the game. The music is such an important part of setting the mood for the bad guy.

Without music, I’m sure who this big bad is would still be obvious, but I don’t think it would be as intense as it is with it. Music really has a way to evoke certain emotions that are stronger than what you’d usually feel.

I actually did have a certain big bad in mind while creating this. I’ve been plotting out a story for a bit and I envisioned him as I made this. I’m picturing him facing off against one of my heroes. Kinda like a stare down before the battle.

Considering most of my plotting has been written or drawn, making music for a character was interesting change of pace. I feel like I might have managed to develop him on a deeper level through this.

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