Old Doll New Tricks: Sloth Does Ballet

Day one

Samantha AKA Sloth here. Most of you probably know me as the photo editor for Galaxy Doll magazine.

Our latest issue!

Cover of our latest issue!


  You know, the most popular alternative magazines for women in their twenties and thirties? Yeah. I work for them (✿´‿`)


I love y’all too.










A lot of people know I exist now because of the article “What’s Inside: Samantha (Sloth) that was published last month. Everything in it is true.

Even the picture.

I totally have sloth genes. For real.

But that’s all off topic. This isn’t about me being a sloth or even an editor. You see I was recently requested to do a story. Specifically for Galaxy Dolls “Old Doll New Tricks” (It’s the one where we have different readers/women try out new activities. Really good series. Check it out if you haven’t yet!) segment.

I was a bit confused when the head of the series called me in and told me this. I’ve never dabbled in the whole story thing. Writing has never been one of my expertise. Through out my schooling career I always dreaded anything that had to do with it. It’s why I majored in art. I’m much more of a visual person you know?

I tried explaining all of this to the boss, but of course she didn’t let me off the hook. So for the next week I’ll be working on this and posting things here. You can hear me chat about it in my video below.


To adventure, I guess!

♥  Sloth


Day Two

Today I went shopping!

After I got settled at home, I immediately got my bag all sorted and packed. Everything I’ll need for dance is in there.


My fancy dance bag!

Whats in the bag

Inside my fancy dance bag!










Contents of my bag:

 1. Cover Up Skirt: I’d rather everyone not see my sloth thighs and booty.

2. Journal: It’s a class. Never know when you’ll need to take notes.

3. Book of Ballet Terms: Just in case. I may need the reference.

4. Chapstick: I always carry it. Not ballet essential.

5. Keys: Obvious reasons. Need them for car and house etc.Not ballet essential.

6. Extra Tights: The cashier at the dance store suggested I buy an extra pair.

7. Extra leotard: She also suggested this.

8. Ballet shoes: Can’t be a ballerina without the shoes!

9.Pencil Bag: Writing utensils for the journal.

10. Water Bottles: Gotta stay hydrated.

Packed and Prepared for battle! LETS GOOOO ╰(・∇・╰)

 ♥  Sloth


Day Three

Fear hit an all time high and I got a little emotional (;﹏;)

I try to keep an upbeat attitude but things just felt heavy today. I’m sorry. I promise I’m not going to give up though!

♥  Sloth


Day Four [Part 1]

The big day has finally arrived!

I’m all rested up and ready to take the stage…well not really stage but you get what I’m saying. That’s not to say I’m not still nervous about things. That little voice in the back of my head is still screaming “THIS IS RIDICULOUS” but I’m doing a bit better with ignoring it.

After all, you don’t get anywhere without making an attempt.

From messy office sloth to fancy ballerina Sloth!

From messy office sloth to fancy ballerina Sloth!

(Plus my ballet getup really makes me feel good about myself. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I look really cute in it. I may not have the skills but I think I got the look on lock down.)

Anyway, I need to run or I’ll be late.  WISH ME LUCK!! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Day Four [Part 2]


I don’t have much time right now, we’re on water break. I’m still in class but I wanted to go ahead and post this. The instructor and my classmates let me record one of our center exercises.

Super Cool, Right? I loved the song she chose. It’s called L’éléphant. Kind of reminds me of how I felt during it. ( I know, I know I’m suppose to be a sloth) But I felt a bit off balance and wobbly footed much like an elephant. That’s not to say I didn’t like it though. I may not have been on balance through the whole thing but I was sure having fun!.

Class is starting back up! I’ll talk more after. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Day Four [Part 3]

It’s over. I’ve officially completed my first ballet class. I recorded a quick vlog. Hear me ramble below:

So Yeah. Everything went great. And to reiterate what I said in the video, You’re really never too old to try something new. Age is just a number and an excuse we use to tell ourselves we can’t do something. It’s all fear and you can’t let fear sit their and rule your life.

This week I managed to experience two completely new things. Not only did I dance, but I also wrote. I dove headfirst into a world I believed I didn’t belong in and shared my experiences in a format I thought I lacked the skill to use.

I don’t think this will be my last blogging attempt. In the future I hope to share some more of my life moments or something (If any of you are on the fence about blogging I suggest you try it out too!)

But for now, things must come to a close. There’s a large stack of work on my desk that needs to be done and I must go.

Thanks for reading/watching/listening!

Sloth Out,

♥  Sloth

Actual image of me in the office.


**Hope you enjoyed my final project! For a more detailed look at the process behind it click here

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  1. Buffy says:

    I would like a bag like that!!… where did you get it and what was the cost?

    • TiredMimi says:

      Oh, it’s honestly been years since I purchased that bag! But I think I got it at payless for about $20 on sale one day. They had a line of ABT items in the past, I’m not sure if it’s still a thing though. I hope you manage to find one and apologizes for such a late reply!

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