Day 38 & 39: April 1 & 2, 2019

Today’s Progress: Web Development Fundamentals Pt. 2

Thoughts: Still working on mystery school pre-course work. Yesterday and today had me building a fake business site.

Yes, but this time instead of selling baby chickens, it’s milkshakes!

I had a lot of fun with this one and I think it shows! I feel like this one is a lot cleaner than my bocboc basket site with my choice of colors and text. Especially that footer. Check that footer out omg.

Tomorrow I’ll still be working on pre-course work but it’ll be JavaScript related. Prayers are appreciated.

Key Takeaways From Day Thirty-Eight & Thirty-Nine:

  • There is legit an easier way to make your banners responsive than making new ones and setting media queries? By sticking the image in the html and then setting width to 100% and height to auto in the CSS I was able to get things working. It even keeps it’s aspect ratio going on. Idk how I missed this the first few times around.
  • The font I chose for the banner is starting to remind me of Law and Order.

Link To Project:

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