Day 35: March 26, 2019

Today’s Progress: Personal Portfolio Webpage Project Finale (FCC)

Thoughts: Finally done with my final project for the responsive web design section on freeCodeCamp!

Y’all I’m so excited. It came out pretty much like I wanted it to.

From this…
…to this
…and this…
…and this!!

I really did my best to get things to check out on other resolutions. I played around with this handy site called Screenfly that allows you to check what your site looks like in different resolutions.

Mobile version!

Even with all the checking and media queries written I’m sure I’ve missed some things so site wont be perfect.

But what I got is alright with me right now.

Also, with final project being done this meaaaansss..


I really completed the whole Responsive Web Design section. I know it’s just the beginning and a small sort of achievement but imma celebrate.

There were so many days I didn’t think I’d manage, but I made it!

Key Takeaways From Day Thirty-Five:

  • A little confidence really does go a long way. Look at what you can do when you shoo that imposter syndrome away, Mimi.

Link To Project:

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