Day 25: February 27, 2019

Today’s Progress: #Javascript30 Ajax Type Ahead Pt.1 (Kinda)

Thoughts: Really feeling like this shouldn’t take me two days, but the reality is JS is kinda hard for me to wrap my brain around. Like yeah, I took a class on it in undergrad, but it was hard for me then too.

I think it’s all the functions cry.

I’m not giving up though. After I finish this assignment, totally going to hold off on more of the JS30 lessons until after I finish the freecodecamp JS section. Which I’ll start on after I finish the last two projects in the FCC Responsive Web Design Certification Curriculum . So it’ll be a minute lol.

But returning to part one of Ajax Type Ahead. The point of this assignment is to create a code that will pull up the names of cities and states that match what the user enters.

Like this.

But the first thing I did instead of working on the code to make this happen was jazz up the CSS.

Much Better.

The polka dots are actually done by CSS too! I took to google and discovered a post on CodePen by user Dani Checa where they used radial gradient to make the dots.

my take on things

Really like how it works and I’m totally planning on using it in the future too. I did mess with a little of the JS material today too, but I’m going to just wait until tomorrow when I finish for the full write up.

Key Takeaways From Day Twenty-Five:

  • I hit the 1/4th mark of #100DaysOfCode???
  • You can make polka dots with CSS!
  • background-position. 0,0 is the very top left.

Link To Project: N/A

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