Day 18: February 19, 2019

Today’s Progress: CSS/HTML General Practice.

Thoughts: Tried something new today. After a quick google search, I came across the Coder Projects site. It has various different simple CSS/HTML/JS coding projects. I figured doing one would be great practice and something I’d get done super quick.

Lol no.

what even

^Legitimately all I managed to get done. I got super hung up when my circle would not circle. It was stuck as an oval and I couldn’t figure out why. I only caught my mistake (putting width as weight) when I read the code out to a friend.

So yeah. Don’t confuse width with weight, friends. I’ll have the finished project up tomorrow.

Key Takeaways From Day Eighteen:

  • Reading your code out verbally can really help you out.
  • jQuery is a library/makes using JS simpler & quicker.
  • $( ) wrapped around code is a sign jQuery is involved.

Link To Project: N/A

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