A Grand Proposal

1. Executive Summary

Dreams can come true. At least that’s what I believe. For my project I’ll be creating a game that explores my ideas on setting goals and reaching them. With art, writing and some coding, I will put together a game where not only will you learn something, but perhaps gain inspiration to go forth and live your own dreams. Below I’ve gone into detail regarding the inner workings of the project such as risk, rewards, benefits, a timeline and a budget.


2. Personnel

For the most part, I will be working on this project alone. I will be planning, writing, coding and creating visuals. Each job is something which I have done before. I for see some difficulty with coding. It’ll be important that I take my time and make sure things are done right.

Following the pre release, various game testers will be needed. I’ll put it a call out for friends, family and classmates when the time comes.


3. Background

I’ve heard talk of various dreams and goals from many different individuals. However, only a handful of these individuals have actually gone on to follow through with their plans. Why is that? I believe it comes from a lack of confidence caused by a lack of knowledge. Without the knowledge of how things work, it’s difficult to form that much needed mental image of goals to work towards.

In terms of this project, I’ll be focusing on the idea of Entrepreneurship. I’ll be providing real life facts, figures and resources regarding how to start a business. There is no one niche community specifically targeted by the project. The objective is to inspire and inform all types of people while providing a fun yet credible simulation.


4. Project Narrative

Stated Simply, I’m making a game. The game will be in a visual novel format with various endings. At certain points in the game, players will be required to make choices that will determine the overall outcome. There will be a strong display of the consequences of various actions.

The game’s storyline will follow the trials and tribulations of starting a Tea Shop. The goal will be to reach the Tea Shop’s grand opening within a month. The story will be played through Sara, a twenty something who is ready to put everything on the line to start her business.


5. Risk and Rewards

There are no real risk in regards to this project. A worst case scenario would be an unfinished game. To avoid said scenario, I’ll need to stay focused and complete the task needed to finish. It’s important I stay aware of the time and make sure I keep enough allotted to work on the game.

On the other hand, a best case scenario would be a finished, well received game that inspires and informs the player. To reach this scenario, again, it’ll be important that I stay time conscious. I’ll need to be detail oriented and do my research as well.


6. Rubric 

Excellent Good Fair Developing Incomplete
Storyline (Overall Plot) Storyline is easy to understand. Ending wraps up any loose ends. Storyline is there, but the ending leaves a few questions. Some confusion here and there, storyline is hard to keep up with. The plot is difficult to understand. Abrupt ending. No real storyline
Grammar No visible typos/ grammatical errors. Several typos here and there. Doesn’t really take away from the quality of the game. Many typos, shows lack of editing. Game is still readable and enjoyable. Game is deeply affected by mistakes. Difficult to read/play through. Mistakes make it impossible to read/play enjoyably.
Visuals (Illustrations + GUI ) Nice user friendly interface.Illustrations are neatly done and included. Visual aspects are there, things are neat, but could use improvement. Some sloppy visual aspects. Appears to be thrown together haphazardly. Lacks many important visuals elements. Visuals are absent all together.
Structure (Coding) No mistakes. Game plays without any errors. One or two small errors. Game is still playable to the end. multiple glaring errors. Game is still playable to the end. Technical errors create considerable difficulties playing. Technical errors make it impossible to complete game.


7. Benefits

This project is intended to inspire, inform and encourage. Anyone who is motivated to start a business or follow through with any other goals would be the real benefit of the project. In turn those individuals could go on to inspire others. It would become a sort of pay it forward system that ultimately has the potential to benefit a great amount of people.


8. Dissemination Plan

As a game, my project will be available as a download hosted from google drive. There will be an info page and download link on my site, Tiredmimi.com. I will advertise it on Twitter as well. The beta version of the game will go live to a select few November 20th, 2015. An edited and completed version will be put up November 25th, 2015.


9. Timeline

Level I (Planning)
Tentative date of Completion: October 1st, 2015

  • Brainstorm story ideas. Flesh out character designs. Get some rough designs for the tea store and other important locations in the story.
  • Gather information that about what goes into starting a business.
  • Fact Check my research. I want this as accurate as possible.

Level 2 (Outline)
Tentative date of Completion: October 12th, 2015

  • Write out main storyline script.
  • Write out script/options for each each route and corresponding ending
  • Visually map out the different routes using a software called VUE. VUE stands for Visual Understanding Environment. It’ll allow me to create a sort of web.

Level 3 (Illustrations)
Tentative date of Completion: October 20th, 2015

  • Figure out what needs to be illustrated.
  • Do some rough drafts.
  • Outline said rough drafts.
  • Outline said rough drafts.
  • Add color to rough drafts

Level 4 (Music and Sounds )
Tentative date of Completion: October 25th, 2015

  • Pick out the music I’ll use for the game.
  • Choose sound effects.

Level 5 (Coding)
Tentative date of Completion: November 12th, 2015

  • Using Ren’Ply, begin putting together the actual game. Starting with text.
  • Add in the images.
  • Add in music.
  • Add in sound effects.

Level 6 (Beta testing)
Tentative date of Completion: November 20th, 2015

  • Initial release to beta testers
  • Receive feedback, take it in consideration and edit.

Level 7 (Finale)
Tentative date of Completion: November 25th, 2015

  • Setup info page for game on my site, including download link.
  • Make page live and release game to the public.


10. Budget

To complete this project, I will require several programs and pieces of hardware.

For Planning/Outlining

  • Notebook and Pencil – $0.00 (owned by me)
  • VUE – $0.00 (owned by me)      

For Illustrations/Visuals

  • Manga studio – $0.00 (owned by me)
  • Scanner – $0.00 (owned by me)
  • Photoshop – $0.00 (owned by the school)

For sounds effects/music

  • Logic Pro X – $0.00 (owned by the school)
  • Garageband – $0.00 (owned by me)     

For Coding/Putting the game together

  • Ren’Ply – $0.00 (owned by me


11. Appendices

More information regarding software mentioned above.

Some games/visual novels of similar nature I recommend playing to gain background on what my project will be like.

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